Home Staging Guidance

Do you want to sell your home quickly and for the most amount of money, but are stuck for ideas on what to do? Are you hoping for something different but can’t find anything that feels just right? Give me a call, I am trained and certified in "Home Staging." I will talk with you about the kinds of themes, colors, or ideas that you have and will give you guidance on how to stage your home for the certain "Oomph" factor than results in creating a mood of openness, comfort, bigger and brighter that are pleasing to the eye. The result... a quick sale and happy clients!!!

Staging Consultation

Are you having trouble finding a buyer who will give you your property’s worth? Are you unsure of what your target buyers actually want and want to see when they preview your property? If you’re ready to make a sale and just need some help, then give Sherry Dorn Staging a call. I specialize in staging consultation and will tell you what the buyers you seek expect to see from your property. I'll help you accentuate the positives so buyers are more likely to forgive the negatives and get you to the sales signatures sooner!

Exterior Home Staging

When it comes to making a house sell, first impressions matter and nothing sets the tone for a buyer better than an exterior home staging. But it can be difficult to see the potential of making small or large changes to your home’s exterior to make it more appealing to potential buyers. That’s why I am proud to offer my services to make your home exteriors deliver a strong message to your potential buyers. We’ll take your existing yard and features and will help you make adjustments that have been proven to increase purchase interest and final accepted prices by up to 25%. Why leave money on the table when you can give me a call, so I can make your homes sell for more and sell sooner! To schedule your home staging consultation, call today 503-502-1272

Interior Home Staging

For many home buyers, it’s what’s on the inside that counts as no one wants to enter a nice looking home and see dust, debris, cracks in the walls, or an appearance of clutter. It doesn’t matter how great a location your home is, if you don’t design the interior to sell, you might have to settle for less than optimal prices. But with my help, your home can sell for more and can sell sooner with the magic of our interior home staging! I will take the interior of your home and help you rearrange furniture and decorative pieces so that it looks it’s best. I can work with you to make your home look livable, lovable, and marketable to better guarantee a final sale that goes in your favor, all you have to do is call today and request a home staging consultation.